Case #5, Marty

“JESSICA JONES IS A MENACE! No, I do not want more pills… Do you know what it is to be her downstairs neighbor? The racket alone is liable to make you insane. I went up there one time to see what it was. The child had no glass in her door, there were holes in the walls and everything. It’d be okay if she was nice once in a while, but I’ve never met someone ruder in my life. You know, back in my day, we had respect for our elders. Not this one, though.Jessica Jones 2

“She just breezed on past me, called me ‘Gramps’ and—why are you rolling your eyes at me? Don’t you roll your eyes at me young lady. I don’t care if you are my doctor. Do you know what it’s like? Not sleeping? It’s horrible. I barely can get up and go to the park for my daily chess matches with Arnie. You know, Arnie makes the best pastrami sandwiches. Yeah, for real. If you would stop rolling your eyes, I might get one for you Dr. Stardust. What is that you’re pouring in your glass? That better be tea, Missy. Do you know how unattractive it is for a woman to drink so much? Might be why you’re still single. You and Jessica have that drinking thing in common. Better be all you have in common.

“Jessica Jones and the company she keeps are impossibly loud. They’re all rude, too. She’s got like, what, a tweaker? Is that what they’re called these days? A pretty blonde who’s up to know good. That blonde from the radio, Trish-something-or-other. Pretty girl, but no respect, that one. I don’t like anyone who goes stomping through that apartment. Except, that one time, with the lad in the purple suit. He was from England, I think. Yes, he was quite nice.”


Jessica Jones 5

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