Cinematic Persons Anonymous aims to report the stories of those who have had to deal with the traumatic experience of being an off-screen support to the heroes and villains of our world. They get no recognition, nor do they seek it. They merely wish to gain closure, to be heard, to support others like them, and, above all, let everyone see the real truth about the every day life within cinema.

The names of the persons mentioned have been changed unless permission was given to reveal their identity. All reports chronicled here appear with permission of the patient, in hopes that it will provide help to readers.



Dr. Victoria Z. Stardust has a Ph.D. specializing in trauma from the Imperial Academy. For two years, she was a therapist in the Commonwealth, investigating how Memory Dens could soothe the mind, before transferring out to Arkham Asylum. After a decade of work there, she noticed it wasn’t just the inmates at Arkham that needed her aid, but the people of Gotham. Day in and day out in the city seemed to put quite a strain on everyone, especially the therapists,nurses, and other staff within Arkham. Once she lost her former best friend, Dr. Harleen Quinzel to the sheer stress of life in Gotham, Dr. Stardust realized she must find a way to help alleviate the stress and trauma many undergo in this world. Along with her colleague, Dr. S. Leopardskin, she opened up a mental facility for that very purpose. The Cinematic Persons Anonymous Support Group meets in the East Wing every Thursday at 4, just before dinner.


***Disclaimer: None of these people, places, or things are owned by the good doctors. That’s a bit too possessive, even for them. They’re aren’t creators or magic makers. They’re just healers, trying to sooth the victims of chaos others have caused.

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